VPS for accounting sys.

Are you dealing with the deployment of an accounting system such as POHODA, ABRA and others in your company? Do you want to have accounting accessible from anywhere and at the same time keep your data safe and automatically backed up?

ANAFRA offers solutions:

  • in cooperation with certified partners we will supply a complete online accounting system
  • Your accounting will be automatically backed up and transferred to another location every day, you will no longer worry about data loss when your computer / server is infected with a virus or an accident
  • a certified partner will advise you on the selection of licenses so that they best suit your needs
  • we will install, migrate (even from other systems), we will provide training and in case of questions you can contact us at any time
  • we will ensure the support for and trouble-free operation of the accounting system, so you will be able to focus only on your own accounting
  • the data is stored on our infrastructure in data centers in the Czech Republic and is exclusively managed by ANAFRA administrators, nobody other than you will have access to your data or contacts
  • customer data does not use a common database platform, so your data is separated from other customers and completely safe

ANAFRA infrastructure solutions

Within our VPS, customer data is always stored on their private VPS, we recommend these solutions:

  • Data and database environment is stored on the same VPS as the application, or it is possible to access the data on the VPS from terminals
  • Data and database environment are stored on one VPS and the other VPS serves as a terminal server. Both VPS are the customer's private VPS

app ucto

Solutions from our competitors

In terms of VPS, we do not support a common database platform for multiple customers running at the accounting system provider. Although the customer saves on a VPS with data and rents only the terminal server, and thus gains access to the data only through an application. The customer thus loses access to the file data and thus their security is limited.

app ucto + vps + cloud