Every company needs server technology to solve various problems and challenges. In this article, we will introduce you to things you may not even know that Anafra can help with. This article is just like you, like us. Its purpose is to constantly evolve, improve and adapt to your needs and what is currently happening.

Whether you are a private owner, server enthusiast, midsize business or a billion-dollar corporation, whether you are a government agency, an IT company, a school, or a manufacturing company, sooner or later you will need to address servers and IT infrastructure. Therefore, we would like to open the door behind the scenes and show you what we can do and what we can help you with.

Complete server solutions

Anafra has cooperated on many projects during its activities on the market and we have always learned something new, something that worked much better. This method has led to the fact that if we duplicate this success, any business and anyone interested in a functional proven solution can benefit from it.

As discussed in the introduction, this article will evolve and attack new challenges and new needs for IT infrastructure and server technologies.

Cold storage for data backups

Supermicro SSG-6039P-E1CR16L

This server is a very popular data backup solution for medium and large businesses, which comes at no surprise. With up to 224TB of raw capacity in 3.5" hard drives and two Intel Xeon Scalable processors and up to 2TB of memory, it enjoys fame. The most common configuration is 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4110, 32GB RAM and 8x 10TB HDD with the possibility of further scalability.

High-capacity storage for storing data

Supermicro SSG-6049P-E1CR60L

60-position Storage server suitable for mounting disks with the maximum available capacity can ensure load balancing of individual disks, even when storing high-volume data blocks in the order of terabytes. It is also suitable for multi-sequential multi-write data storage. With a wide range of options for connecting to your existing network, it's exactly the missing piece of the puzzle.

Redundant database server

Supermicro SYS-1028R-WTR

This server is designed for small and medium businesses, where several databases can run at the same time with a total capacity of hundreds of GB. Redundant power supply including SSDs in RAID 1 ensures that you will not lose your data and continuous operation. The most widely sold database server comes with Intel E5 and 64GB of RAM with future-proof capabilities and fast R / W-intensive SSDs for your database needs. 2x 1 Gigabit and dedicated IPMI guarantee connectivity with the ability to check all data and server status.


Compact server or IoT solution

Supermicro SYS-E100-8S-E

Small but handy. This is the right expression for Compact servers designed especially for IoT solutions. These small servers are located on the edge of the network and connect smart sensors or other devices to the cloud via wireless or local area networks (eg LAN, WiFi, 4 / 5G, Zigbee and RF). Built on an open architecture, IoT gates enable users to securely merge, share and filter data for subsequent analysis. All this is made easy with the Intel i5-7300U processor or E3-1200 v6 processors with up to 32GB of RAM, and storage is neatly resolved as an m.2 SSD. This mini server has 2x 1GbE ports and a mini-PCIe expansion card.

Server for storing CCTV recordings

Supermicro SSG-6029P-E1CR12T

The popularity of Supermicro-based camera servers is on the rise and customers have many requirements, most of them a robust 2U chassis with twelve 3.5" hard drive bays and scalable performance thanks to dual processor capability and up to 2TB of memory is our favorite solution customers.

Supermicro SSG-6049P-E1CR24L

Equipped with two Intel Xeon Scalable processors and filling 24 bays with high-capacity server disks, this set is suitable for storing camera recordings or storing raw image data. To store recordings from 100-150 cameras in FullHD, 24 GB of memory and 2x 8 core CPUs are sufficient. If necessary, it is possible to add a graphic card for the output of display monitors.

Other solutions will gradually be added. Do you have an idea for a solution for you? Contact us.