ANAFRA has implemented a large number of interesting projects during its more than 10 years of domestic and foreign market experience. We work hard to distinguish ourselves from companies that only "resell" individual components from Supermicro, or other third-party server technologies and services.

We consider ourselves experts with valuable experience in the field of Information Technology and this implies commitments from us, ones that we always want to uphold for you.

We offer:

  • assistance in designing a specific tailor-made solution (pre-sales support)
  • professional implementation, including related technical support
  • wide selection of NBD warranties and maintenance services
  • after-sales support
  • loyalty programs and distributor prices for frequent customers

We believe that if we work effectively with many of our satisfied partners, customers and institutions, such cooperation will also be beneficial for you. We would like to present you selected case studies of the projects we carried out.

An order for Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

ELI Beamlines in Dolní Břežany is the most expensive research center in the Czech Republic. Almost exactly three years after the construction began, scientific research has begun. Establishment of ELI (ie Extreme Light Infrastructure) will cost approximately 6.8 billion CZK, the key component will be the most intense laser in the world.

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Server room - MFF UK

In November 2015, ANAFRA delivered a total of 22 servers in eight different configurations to Charles University. These were very diverse configurations including, in particular, ten 1U concept servers, fitted with one or two processors, SSDs, 128GB RAM and SFP + connectivity.

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Order for is one of the largest local Internet service providers via wi-fi access points. The company has been operating on the market since 2004, when it was founded as a non-profit organization with the idea of extending the fast internet as much as possible to hard-to-reach areas

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Turnkey sever room

The operation of each contemporary project requires massive IT support. This applies twice as much for a project to build research workplaces. The investor's intention was to build a large multifunctional complex with a usable area of more than 4000 m2, which will be conceptual and timeless at European level.

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