or how ANAFRA VPS is different (and better) compared to most other VPS on the market.

Since the start we’ve known that we wanted to offer a slightly different “cloud”.

  • We didn’t want our VPS to be unprotected boxes without backups.
  • We didn’t want our VPS to be dependent on specific hardware.
  • We didn’t want to only offer a single variant of our service – we wanted the customer to have the option to decide the robustness of their system.
  • We wanted the data and snapshots of the VPS themselves to be backed up to separate locations several times a week.
  • We wanted to offer not only pre-made configurations, but also customizable ones with easy expansion options.
  • With the guaranteed availability and quality of our VPS, we are so confident that, as one of the few on the market, we have sanctions in SLA contracts for non-compliance with availability, even beyond the flat rate.

That’s why we decided to to build our infrastructure in two variants, the more robust ACE and entry level ACEEL.

The ACE infrastructure is based on Supermicro SuperBlade technology, which is, not only at Supermicro, but generally the highest model line of all server manufacturers.

  • The installed processors operate at a frequency of 2.6 GHz and thanks to the speedy 10 GbE inside out connectivity.
  • Not only does this create minimal latency, but our ACE prides itself on live VPS migration between separate nodes.
  • Our VPS are not dependent on a specific disk, or a specific processor, and a
  • The VPS is backed up off-site daily.
  • ANAFRA VPS has guaranteed reachability.
  • The ANAFRA technicians will handle anything if the need arises.

ANAFRA ACE VPS Architecture

We also thought of those of you who do not have such high demands and prefer a more favorable price, and so the ACE Entry Level (ACEEL) was created. The ACEEL infrastructure is built on a 1U cluster with 10 GbE internal connectivity and 2.1 GHz processors. Unlike ACEs, they do not use shared storage, but each node has local SSD storage; backups take place three times a week to a different location. Still a robust solution with regard to price optimization, that's ACEEL.


Are you or your customer still undecided? We offer one month to test a VPS for free!