The operation of each contemporary project requires massive IT support. This applies twice as much for a project to build research workplaces. The investor's intention was to build a large multifunctional complex with a usable area of more than 4000 m2, which will be conceptual and timeless at European level.

Our task from the investor was to work out a proposal for a technical solution and build a server room directly in the new construction. Based on the analysis of the needs of the investor, we have designed an appropriate concept to ensure the highest possible technological level.

Available at this time and the project budget was not exceeded. The solution included design of the location in the building, technological solution of partial professions concerned (construction, power, cooling, network infrastructure, server technologies) with regard to high availability, security and possibility of further expansion in the future.

The result is a modern data room with minimal Tier III availability. Connectivity is provided from two physical and geographically independent optical routes with 40Gbps and 10Gbps throughput. Power and cooling of the data center is in redundant n+1 mode, including multi-level of access protection and fire protection with ecological gas. With its high-quality and reliable technical solution, this data center is one of the modern facilities in the Czech Republic even for the most demanding projects.

Parameters of the constructed data center

  • Minimal availability Tier III
  • Floor space of 150 m2
  • Lockable 19“ 45U rack cabinets with optional expansion
  • Redundant back-up power supply (UPS, diesel generator, own transformation)
  • Two physically and geographically independent optical paths with 40Gbps and 10Gbps throughput
  • Power and cooling of the data center in redundant n+1 mode with power boost capability
  • Multi-level access protection and fire protection with ecological gas

In addition to the delivery we also provided the following services:

  • Design of the technical solution of the server room, including the processing into the project documentation for the construction
  • Selection of a supplier of connectivity in internal public procurement, participation in meetings, promotion of investor's interests and needs, including ensuring subsequent implementation
  • Coordination of construction execution technical supervision of a part of the construction related to the server room
  • Migration of the investor's existing server technology to the new server room.

Total value of the project: more than 10 million CZK without VAT

Implementation period: 2012 - 2015