Our values and goals

The IT market is very large and every company is fighting for your attention. Many companies offer similar products and services and support their "unique solutions" as a universal cure for all your company's IT woes.

At ANAFRA, we have a very different approach. From the first day of our cooperation we focus on the unique needs of your company and your people. We will always do our best to fully understand your needs and offer you tailor-made solutions.

We at ANAFRA all work according to a set of core values and behaviors that affect everything we do. We promise our client that:

  • We will always speak in a clear, understandable language
  • We will be friendly and honest in all our deals
  • We will fulfill our commitments
  • We will regularly supply
  • We provide regular updates on all our activities
  • We will work closely with your people and build lasting relationships
  • We will NEVER suggest something you do not need
  • We will provide the IT support you need when you need it

Our core values emerge from commitments that clearly show our approach to the customer:

  • Passion and determination to meet your needs now and in the future
  • Friendly and open approach, working closely with you and your employees. Our goal is to build a mutually trusted relationship
  • Regular communication necessary to support your people in a language you understand
  • Understanding and focus on your unique requirements.
  • Reliability - to deliver what we promise and in the time we promise.
  • Independent access to meet your needs – you always get the best and most appropriate advice
  • Focus on results - we work closely with you to understand and respond to changing circumstances in your company and help you achieve your goals more easily.
  • Expertise - our people are IT experts. We are constantly educating ourselves and learning to work with the latest technologies so you never stay behind and lose important information.