Processors, also known as CPUs, are the brains of every home computer as well as every server. We recommend Intel Xeon for Supermicro systems. If you need help selecting a suitable processor, please contact our team of experts.


Designed for applications of all types - including data center applications - AMD EPYC processors match the performance of Intel's most powerful processors. They are built on AMD's latest ZEN microarchitecture, which uses new manufacturing processes to achieve maximum performance at competitive prices.

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Intel 1151

The LGA 1151 socket, also known as H4, supports the Intel Xeon® Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake processors, ideal for a wide range of performance-intensive, network-optimized and IoT-ready applications.

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Intel 2011

LGA 2011 socket processors, or socket R, support state-of-the-art QPI technology that allows two processors to be combined with minimal response time - also supporting advanced DDR4 RAM. This includes both traditional Intel Core® desktop processors and Intel Xeon® server processors.

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Intel 2066

LGA 2066 socket processors, also called socket R4, support DDR4 ECC RDIMM / LRDIMM memory. These processors include the Skylake-X, Kaby Lake-X and Cascade Lake-X series.

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Intel 3647

Processors for the LGA 3467 advanced socket support a 6-channel memory driver, 3D XPoint DIMM memory, Intel Ultra Path Interconnect for multi-processor minimum response time and 100G Omni-Path Interconnect. These processors include the Xeon Phi x200 series, Xeon Phi 72x5, Skylake-EX and Skylake-SP

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