IT audit

The goal of an IT infrastructure audit is primarily to determine the current state of IT in your company.

We will tailor the scope of the audit based on your needs. This generally includes the following professional and technical procedures:

  • determining the basic topology of the network
  • analysis of the server and network technologies
  • determining software used and its licensing method
  • creation of a "passport" for each computer station (of it's HW/SW configuration)
  • assessment of security weaknesses
  • a certified measuring of the network

During the audit we not only detect hard metrics, but soft ones as well based on user feedback. We also analyze IT security, protection of user data and handling of company data.

An audit report is prepared from the information obtained. Based on these documents, we will prepare a proposal of measures necessary to ensure long-term functionality, reliability and security of IT infrastructure. The proposed solution will help you realize and eliminate the identified risks. 

Technology in IT changes rapidly and the need to conduct an IT audit may not only arise in the event of an acute problem, but it is important to verify over time whether the current state will provide you with functional, sustainable and carefree IT.