Virtual private servers

We grabbed the cloud environment with its advantages and transferred it to an easy to understand virtual server services. We operate them exclusively on our infrastructure in data centers in the Czech Republic, which are managed by ANAFRA administrators.

Key features of virtual servers:

  • KVM virtualization based on Proxmox technology
  • VPS effectively uses the power of physical hardware only to the extent you really need it
  • This solution is resistant to hardware failure
  • Scalability – upgradable RAM, vCPU or storage capacity – online
  • The infrastructure is designed to be sustainable long-term (HW, SW updates) without limiting VM operation
  • Optimally balances customer needs, service availability and price for the service in question
  • VPS are operated and managed exclusively on our IT infrastructure by ANAFRA administrators

Virtual server can be used similarly to a dedicated server, VPS is fully managed by the customer who can access the console (KVM) and perform a restart through administration.

ANAFRA administrators help from the analysis of customer needs, through the installation of the operating system and applications, to the complete management of the server, when we take responsibility for the operation of our customer’s projects in the form of managed VPS. Virtual servers can run on both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Reasons why ANAFRA is the right partner for virtual servers (VPS):

  • We operate our services on Supermicro branded servers
  • We understand our hardware exceptionally well – we are a Supermicro system integrator
  • Modern Intel Xeon processors
  • Storage with disk arrays in RAID 6 or RAID 10 with spare disks
  • Any ratio of options - CPU/RAM/SSD
  • Dedicated RAM and vCPU for each VPS
  • IPv4 and IPv6 free with each VPS
  • DDoS protection included
  • Guaranteed availability
  • An option to create snapshots
  • Backing up to a remote location
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Free VPS setup
  • Support