VPS for hosting

A frequently used variant of managed VPS is a service designed for hosting web projects on its own virtual server.

Provides secure, professional, dedicated space for your web projects.

  • Cloud Linux – Safe architecture of separate containers for each domain
  • User SSH access to the domain container
  • Regular security updates (bug fixes in deprecated versions of PHP that are not supported by PHPnet developers)
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Configure services using web administration
    • PHP version selection (5.6 – 7.3) and selection of used PHP modules
    • Let’s encrypt certificates
    • Easy management of DNS, FTP, MySQL, e-mails
  • VPS also includes mailhosting and DNS record management on separate servers

Reasons why you should pick VPS for hosting from ANAFRA:

  • Web administration is connected to other services that are provided on ANAFRA infrastructure separate from VPS but included in the price
    • DNS servery
    • Mailhosting
    • Monitoring
  • ANAFRA technical support

VPS for hosting specifications:

Unlimited hosted domains
Unlimited number of subdomains
Unlimited data transfer
Let's encrypt certificates
User SSH access
PHP version selection
Unlimited email mailboxes
Email protocols POP3/IMAP/SMTP
Antivirus and antispam mail protection
Secured by DKIM, SPF a SSL
DNS records and management
Faulty website modification
Unlimited FTP access
Webmail with user filter support
Web administration even for users
Technical support

We offer VPS for hosting in ACE and ACEEL variations.


VPS Specifications ACEEL ACE
CPU speed 2,1 GHZ 2,6 GHZ
KVM virtualization on Proxmox technology
Guaranteed 99.95% availability
Guaranteed 99,99% availability with monitoring
and SLA variant selected
VPS controlled by a HA cluster – cloud infrastructure
SSD disks
HDD disks with CacheCade for high capacity content
Hardware DDoS protection
Snapshot creation
Backups to a remote location 3x týdně každý den
1x IPv4 and /64 range IPv6
Connectivity 1 Gbps 10 Gbps
Optional VPS management by ANAFRA administrators
More detailed info ACEEL ACE

Price sheet

VPS VPS for hosting
Cores: RAM: SSD Capacity:
Cores: RAM: SSD Capacity: HDD Capacity:
Cores: RAM:
SSD Capacity: HDD Capacity:

Price: 8 € / month

Request this configuration

2 vCPU 100 CZK / month 200 CZK / month
2 GB RAM 50 CZK / month 200 CZK / month
20 GB SSD 50 CZK / month 100 CZK / month
50 GB HDD X 100 CZK / month
VPS for hosting 1.150 CZK / month 1.150 CZK / month

The above listed steps can be configured according to your needs.

These prices do not include VAT.

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