ANAFRA Nextcloud

ANAFRA Nextcloud provides you with secure file storage and sharing among team members. The data is synchronized exclusively to our servers, which are managed by our system administrators, who will be happy to help you in any situation. We will ensure the availability of current data on all commonly used devices. ANAFRA Nextcloud will grow with you without disproportionately increasing the price, the number of users does not have a direct effect on the price.

Advantages of ANAFRA Nextcloud

Automatic data versioning - allows you to revert to older versions of files

  • Full technical support from ANAFRA administrators
  • Secure data sharing - within the work team, at the home office and with customers outside the organization
  • Easy data recovery and transfer - in the event of a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone crash, data recovery is very simple ; on a new device, you continue your work in a few minutes
  • Automatic backup - you don't have to deal with where and how often to back up data, we will do it for you every day; to two geographically different locations
  • User permissions and roles - the ability to define custom roles allows easy user management, while each user / role can have defined access only to specific files or folders
  • Acceptable service costs with an increasing number of users - most competing services are becoming very expensive with 3 or more users
  • The data is synchronized exclusively to our servers - no one but you will have access to your data or contacts

Customers appreciate the most

  • The service is provided solely and exclusively on our own redundant infrastructure
  • They only pay for the space, not for the number of users
  • Full technical support by ANAFRA administrators. They always know who to call
  • Unlimited number of users with the possibility of defining roles and quotas
  • Advanced file sharing internally and towards clients , the possibility of time-limited password-protected sharing
  • Easy transition to home-office
  • Free migration of data and ANAFRA Nextcloud setup within the service
  • Guaranteed storage of data on servers located only in the Czech Republic
  • Intuitive operation and very easy administration
  • File synchronization between different devices and operating systems
  • compatibility with all platforms - Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Possibility to work offline
  • Czech, English, Slovak, Polish and Russian language versions
  • Data security, advanced encryption
  • Data is backed up to a different location every day
  • GDPR ready

ANAFRA Nexcloud Demo

Get acquainted with the administration of ANAFRA Nextcloud: