"When one Docker is no longer enough."

As the number of containers increases, problems with server capacity and also with their management begins to increase. More Docker servers will certainly be needed to meet the growing needs.

That is where container orchestrators come in. The most popular and probably the most useful one is Kubernetes. Thanks to Kubernetes, it is possible to control several Docker servers as one big Docker.

Among other things, it also provides the following advantages:

  • Optimal load distribution between individual Docker servers
  • Load balancing between containers
  • Automatic scaling – optimal use of resources and no wastage during off-peak hours
  • High availability (HA) - when one server goes down, the running of applications is not affected
  • There is no need for service outages when scaling or updating

We will provide you with the entire solution for orchestrating Docker servers as a service, including complete management. Focus on what makes you happy and leave the rest to us.


Diagram - Kubernetes