Microservices are an application architecture for which containerization is a perfect choice. This architecture consists of dividing the program into independent sub-applications according to functionality.

These individual applications can be operated separately as so-called microservices that communicate with each other.

Monolithic application issues:

  • Developers working closely together
  • Complex and bulky code that snowballs over time
  • Complex incorporation and training in development
  • The necessity of using one technology and the impossibility of major changes
  • Inefficient scaling out
  • An error in one part of the application affects the whole or manifests itself elsewhere

State with microservices in use:

  • Developers or teams working independently
  • Simplicity and clarity of the code
  • Easy understanding of small code
  • Dynamic incremental changes and diversity of technologies across microservices
  • Scaling of only necessary parts of the application
  • Errors in one microservice cannot affect other parts of the application

However, problems arise while transitioning to this new architecture, when dividing the original application and designing the connection of individual microservices can bequite a handful, but ANAFRA can and will help you with this!

Diagram - monolithic application


Diagram - microservices architecture