VPS for ERP systems

Are you considering deploying an ERP system such as Helios, K2, SAP, ABRA, or another in your company? Do you need to do hardware recovery or are you considering moving to the cloud?

We have the optimal solution for you in the form ofvirtual private servers (VPS), which are managed by ANAFRA administrators and operated exclusively on our infrastructure in data centers in the Czech Republic.

Advantages of the ANAFRA solution:

  • We will prepare a VPS environment tailored to ERP systems
  • Our technical solution is based on many years of experience we have gained by operating many ERP systems
  • During migration and installation, we actively cooperate with the system supplier, so the customer has minimal worries associated with these tasks
  • The use of VPS eliminates the moral obsolescence of physical hardware and its reliability over time, thus migrating the system every 3-5 years
  • We will provide full VPS management so that you can focus only on your core business
  • The data is stored in data centers in the Czech Republic and is managed by ANAFRA administrators, no one but you will have access to your data or contacts.
  • Your system will be automatically backed up and transferred to another location every day, you will not have to worry about data loss when your computer / server is infected with a virus or an accident.

ANAFRA infrastructure solution

We operate ERP systems on a platform of virtual private servers (VPS) reserved for each customer. The concept used depends mainly on the number of accessing users and the related licensing model. The most common solutions:

  1. The data (SQL server) is stored on the VPS. The application client is stored on the user's PC and accesses the data on the VPS via VPN. An encrypted connection takes place between the client part and the server part. In this case, a higher demand on the capacity of the line between the user and the server is required.
  2. VPS with terminal access + VPS with data (SQL server). You access one VPS by a remote desktop and work on it with an ERP system, and another separate VPS server typically runs an SQL server, in which the data is stored. There is no need for higher demands on the line capacity of the customer.

Risks and disadvantages of ERP system on own hardware

The most common reasons why we help our customers change the way of operating ERP systems on a server physically located in the office:

  1. The physical server located in the office must be actively taken care of by "someone"
  2. Moral obsolescence of HW, which needs to change and therefore migrate the system
  3. An out-of-date operating system that poses major security risks
  4. Electricity consumption in the order of at least higher hundred crowns every month
  5. Annoying noise or heat generated by the server
  6. Absence of remote access enabling work from home or travel
  7. Occasional backup in "when the user remembers" mode or its complete absence

Are you currently using the solution we are describing and are you aware of the risks? We will be happy to help you find a way to migrate to our dedicated environment.